Friday, August 24, 2007

Yo Gabba Gabba!

A new show debuted on Nick Jr. this week called Yo Gabba Gabba. At first I wasn't sure about it. Just watch this video and you'll see why.

But here are a few reasons why I'm a huge fan. First, one of my favorite bands, the Shins appear on the show and sing a catchy little song about winning, losing and trying again. Click here to see the Shins perform on Yo Gabba Gabba. Also, celebrities like Tony Hawk and Biz Markie make silly appearances. Today Eiljah Wood came on and taught everyone a dance called the Puppet Master. Lastly, one of the regular characters is Mark Mothersbaugh who has a little drawing segment. Today he taught the kids how to draw a potato bug on a skateboard- how delightfully random. Mark Mothersbaugh is the genius behind all the soundtracks to Wes Anderson's films, which makes him a god in my eyes. (He's also the former lead singer of the band Devo, of" Whip-it" fame).

So while it might be a little disturbing to watch a fuzzy green monster have a "party in his tummy," I'll put up with it and even enjoy it if it means my one-year-old is being introduced to the Shins. And who am I kidding? Who cares if I like it or not. If Booker's a fan, then I'm a fan. Plus I'm getting really sick of Tinky-Winky, Dipsy, La la and Po.

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Poetry or Production

Clark recently learned that the Law Journal is going to publish his article, "Poetry or Production: Functionality in the Architectural Work Copyright Protection Act." Basically, his article is about whether or not the copyright act extends to the useful aspects of a building. He talks about what test you should use to determine whether a functional aspect (with unique aesthetic qualities) of an architectural work is copyrighted.

You think this would be interesting to me. I handled all the rights and reproduction issues at the Museum of Art and I absolutely loved that part of my job. But I've read some of his past papers and articles, and its like reading a different language. The Clark I married used to write beautifully and well... creatively. I guess there's something about first year Legal Writing that sucks all the imagination out of you and allows you to become fluent in legalese.

I can't complain though. One day, hopefully soon, that legalese will pay for a down payment on a house and maybe some vacations to visit my parents overseas! In the meantime, I'll just remind myself that pre-law-school-Clark is still there, underneath law-school-Clark- who may write differently, but still writes well according to editors at the Journal.

To honor him, here's an etching I did back at BYU. In fact, we were dating at the time and I have fond memories of Clark hanging out in the studio while I was covered in acid, rubbing alcohol and ink. He found me cute even then.

Don't Poke Alligators

If I lived in Irvine (or anywhere in Southern CA) I'd be there for sure! He's my cousin and he's really good. Plus, he said he'd give me the official title of "band artist."