Saturday, April 12, 2008

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These are sometimes fun...

4 Jobs I have had:

Museum Registrar (best job ever)
Taking pictures of people's irises
Peon at the Embassy in Riyadh
Server at the Marketplace Cafe in the Tanner building at BYU (worst job ever)

4 TV Shows I watch:
30 Rock
America's Next Top Model
The Soup
Top Chef

4 Places I have been:
I'll stick with Gulf States...

4 People that email me:
My dad
My husband
My Tueller family
My Proffitt family

4 of my favorite foods:
Cafe Rio Pork Salad
Jannalee's (or Callie's) orange rolls
Thai food... specifically, peanut sauce

4 Friends I Tag:
Julia, because she doesn't blog often enough for me
Jen, because she also doesn't blog often enough for me
Sherry, because she tagged me for something else and I still haven't answered (I can't remember ANY of my dreams lately, let alone pregnancy dreams)
Cassie, because I'm hoping that one thing that she's looking forward to in 2008 is another ADORABLE baby!

4 things I am looking forward to in 2008:
Getting off of welfare... FOREVER!
The annual Proffitt beach trip... even though I'll be 8 months pregnant and camping, I'm still counting down the days.
Halloween so I can dress Baby #2 like a hot dog and Booker like a chicken (I love after holiday sales at Old Navy, both costumes were only $5!)
Moving to a city that is 5 degrees cooler than Phoenix.

Gay Pride

I'm sure its not as cool as San Francisco's or New York's, but Phoenix has a pretty impressive Gay Pride Parade. It was a hot day, but Marie, Chris, Booker and I decided to check it out. Clark, sadly, had to help his sister move. He missed out on some gay fun...

Gay hat

Gay Rodeo Association

Gay Alien... Gaylien?

Gay Cowboys

Gay Native Americans... Gaytive Americans?

Miss Indian Transvestite... she was way prettier than me.
Her bodyguards, however, were not. Yikes.

Gay preggo... we're having a gayby!

Free hugs from a gay man... this guy was brave considering how HOT it was today.

Gay Siblings

Gay protesters... they weren't very creative.
Although, I did chuckle when one of them screamed,

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Under African Skies

Its official. The acceptance letter is in the mail and we're moving to Tucson. Its been quite a job search journey these past few years. I think Clark and I counted 32 interviews with various law firms and companies around the country since his first year in law school. That's 31 rejections- ouch! That doesn't even factor in the HUNDREDS of resumes and cover letters I personally assembled and mailed to different law firms (and all those rejections). I'm a little bitter that all my effort turned out to be such a waste of time... of paper... of postage.

But none of that matters anymore. We have so much to be excited about. I think the best thing about this job is that it forced me to pull out one of my all time favorite albums, Paul Simon's Graceland and give it a good listen to. Ever since Clark's first encounter with this Tucson firm, I've had Under African Skies on repeat in my brain. Specifically, the line

"I said take this child, Lord
From Tucson Arizona
Give her the wings to fly through harmony
And she wont bother you no more."

So as Clark continues to make my head spin with talk of car loans and mortgage payments, this is really what I'll be hearing...


Friday, April 4, 2008

Charlie Bit Me!

I don't know why, but this video made me laugh SO HARD. I hope Booker and his new little BROTHER are just as funny together.

Moving Images

Wow, I can't believe I'm sharing moving images of the tiny fetus growing in my belly with the entire world. That's weird.


We had our ultrasound this morning and I swear, it was exactly like the ultrasound I had with Booker two years ago. The baby is in breech position (which is no big deal at this point) but combine that with a tilted uterus and uncooperative baby and you don't get great results. After about 15 minutes, the tech wasn't too hopeful about finding the gender. With Booker, they told us "maybe a boy, but don't buy anything" and made another ultrasound appointment for me in FOUR WEEKS. It was devastating.

Well, just as I was tearing up and preparing to wait another four weeks to find out the gender, the tech got the money shot. Clark saw it right away and then the two of them tried in vain to show me how obvious it was. I'll have to take their word.

She wasn't able to see everything (the heart and spine weren't too clear) so I get to come back in 4 weeks without the burden of not knowing the gender. Its ideal. I LOVE ultrasounds, especially when everything looks normal and healthy, and they can tell without a doubt that we're having a...

We're Having A...

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